African Countries slipping down in Tech Rankings


The World Economic Forum recently published the Network Readiness Index which ranks the impact of ICT on the competitiveness of various countries world wide. Relatively, African countries are not doing well. Only Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco and Tunisia have moved up by 7, 2,1 and 1 steps respectively. Madagascar maintains its position 102 and the rest (except the new entrants) have slipped from the previous ranking. Uganda has slipped 21 steps to position 100, while Egypt, Cameroon and Mozambique have gone down 14 steps each. My country, Malawi, is a new entrant in this year's ranking at position 111 out of 122 countries ranked, beating neighbouring Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe among others. In Africa, we are at position 17 out the 26 African countries ranked with Tunisia, South Africa and Botswana taking the first 3 positions respectively (1,2,3) in Africa and globally 35, 47, 67 respectively. It's unfortunate that Rwanda was not included on the list. Rwanda has been getting a lot praise in Africa for investing a lot in ICT. It is aiming to be the technology hub in Africa and is one of the first countries to sign deals with leading Internet companies while other African countries are still looking up to tech companies that no longer matter.

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