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In the name of Almighty


Afran study and research Institute was established in 2008 by a group of Researchers, Scholars and professors of the universities aiming research and studies of African countries in political, economical, cultural and sociological fields.

Afran is a non profitable institute and does study the projects for the interested people and organizations to provide strategic information regarding African continent for them.

This institute attempts to perpetuate the historical presence and activities of Iranians during the centuries in Africa due to what the documents show the background of Iranian relation and transactions with Africa and for that purpose tries to provide the possibilities of Iranian relation and transactions due to capabilities and possibilities in political, economical, cultural and sociological fields in between with Africa and to develop the existing relations.

In this regard, we shake the hands of scholars, intellectuals and lecturers who are interested in being active in the said field and the other research institutes which are having researches in this area. We invite them to assist us for being succeeded in our efforts.

By the time we ask all businessmen, industrial fields, artist, economists, politicians and any other groups who can give us a hand to achieve our work, to help us for getting to our targets.

Afran Institute is expecting all activists in African affairs to cooperate with us and all articles, books, photos, news, sight seeing, biographies, web logs and all other kinds of researches which were done by them are needed to enrich our studies.



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