50001-IRAN-President:Nations are expected to get well-prepared for change

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday that the independent countries should get well-prepared for dramatic change in world order owing to imminent collapse of the capitalist system.
In a meeting with the visiting Speaker of National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Evariste Bobhab, he called for expansion of all-out cooperation among world countries.
Iran and Congo are in a same front at the international arena, he said, adding that the arrogant and the so-called powerful countries are trying to prevent progress and development of the two Iranian and Congolese nations.
They make use of all their political and economic leverage in order to prevent development and progress of all independent states, he added.
Both Iran and Congo enjoy great potentials in order to become the world developed and powerful states, President Ahmadinejad said, underlining the need for expansion of all-out ties between the two nations.
He said the two parliaments can help further promote bilateral cooperation between the two nations.
In the meantime, the Congolese speaker reiterated that his country is interested in expansion of all-out ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Congo currently resists to oppression and hegemony of big powers through its brotherly cooperation with Tehran, he added.

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