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Anika - Yoruba dailect Nigeria
Ameyo is a girl name from Ghana and the Ewe dialect meaning a girl born on Saturday

Ayana- Beautiful Flower- Ethiopian

Ariel- Loiness of God

Kai - Girl name, basically means "love", Yoruba dialect, Nigeria

Komnan- Boy's Name in Ghana Fante means born on Monday.
More Names from Liberia

Dwede (pronounced "dwe-day". This is a female's name meaning Dwe's Mother; as you would say Junior's Ma or Pa.)

Mamawa (MAWAY) (This is another female's name meaning small-mother. This name is for someone who is the name-sake of your mother or grandmother or just another older person you call Ma or Mama in the family)

Sianeh ( is actually " Sie-Anyene" which means Sie's Wife. If your
husband's name is Sie, and a girl is named after you, you may decide to call her this name to reflect your love and honour for your husband

Wahde (pronounced "Wah-Day" means Wah's Mother. Again if you have a son called WAH, and a girl is named after you, you can choose to call that child Wahde reflecting your love and respect for your son Wah.

Wonlay (this name can be given to either a boy or girl child. Actually
it is pronounced "War-nie" and means "Tired". This name is given a girl
whose parents have lost a lot of children in either childbirth/childhood.
They are simply saying that "We are tired of all troubles/problems.)

Yenplu ( is actually pronounced "NYENE-PLU" and the name means
"White Woman". It is given to a considered-beautiful girl child).

Dwe (the name DWE is a boy's name, and for a girl it is "NYENE-DWE".
NYENE is Woman or Wife. Dwe is the Grebo name for an elephant and so this name is given to a person who is great, strong and power, and sometimes even big.

Monon-Konmlan (or Konmlan for short)-- Boy name In Liberian Kru means I'm the one with the luck/blessing.

Soe-Tehpoe (or Tehpoe for short)- boy name In Liberian kru means I'm not to be blamed/I'm not responsible for what happened.
Jayplo/Japlo-- Girl name in Liberian Kru means beautiful girl.

Kissi Names

The Kissi people are from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Boys Name

Saa, Saah or Sarh: First boy
Tamba: Second boy

Girls Name

Sia: First girl
Kumba: Second girl
Finda: Third girl

Names from "Africa's Experience in America"

List of names from African slaves and later free people of Newport, Rhode Island. Newport was at the center of the African Slave Trade during the Colonial Period. Today, it has the nation’s oldest and largest slave burial markers with the oldest dating back to 1690. Nearly all Newport slaves came from Cape Coast then on to Barbados and Jamaica to Newport.

Cuffee - is the Anglicized version of the Ghanaian name “Kofi” which is a name given to boys born on Friday.
Orbour (Female)
Mimbo (Female)

African names whose origins are not known.

A - Abu, Amma
B - Banwai, Bella
C - Chioma, Coto
D - Deddeh, Dwede
E - Ebun
F - Famata, Fatima, Fazzie, Feta
G - Garmaih
H - Hawa
J - Jlay, Juah, Jugbeh
K - Kamah, Kebbeh, Kona, Kollie, Korto, Korlu, Kula
L - Lorpu
M - Madia, Mamawa, Massa, Mayatu, Matu, Mazu, Miata or Miatta, Moima, Munah, Musu, Miehdi
N - Nowah Nahdi, Neeway, Nahweh, Nowu
O - Owalla
S - Saybah, Sadatu, Sadia, Saida, Sianeh, Siata or Siatta
T - Tonia, Tenneh, Tuma
W - Wyiata, Wonlay
Y - Yama, Yarta or Yatta, Yassa or Yassah, Yamah, Yarmah, Yata, Yenpu
Z - Zoe

A - Abu, Amu, Ansu, Armah
B - Boimah, Boikai
F - Flomo, Foday, Fokra
G - Goma
K - Kandaki, Kwame, Kofa, Kofi
L - Lamie
M - Marbue, Massala, Momo
O - Oso, Sia, Sidiki, Siafa
T - Tokpah, Toyuwa, Trokon
V - Varney
W - Wleh
Z - Zanele, Zinnah, Zwana

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